Postpartum Recovery Kit

More Care for Down There

We often neglect our postpartum healing because we are so busy preparing and planning for the special welcoming of our newborn baby! It’s all about packing the hospital bag, making sure you have diapers, a newborn hat, mittens and socks, some toiletries, pyjamas and of course, the perfect outfit to bring baby home in!

I feel that after the baby is born, we tend to forget that moms have just gone through the most demanding, painful and physical change that a woman’s body will ever go though. Birthing a child is not easy, and after a vaginal delivery, there is most definitely a lot of pain (and lets be real.. some tearing) down there.

On top of getting your home ready for baby, suffering from pregnancy brain, being tired and waiting for your due date to come around.. it’s easy to forget about planning what you need for the after care of your lady area post D-day. My mission is to help women take that last step out of their busy pregnancy life and prepare you with the essentials needed for postpartum recovery.

The Must Haves

Whether you’re an expecting mom or if you know somebody who is, Mom to Mom has you covered from soothing your postpartum swelling, to keeping you protected from postpartum leaks!

The Mom Wash

For the first week or two, you can't wipe down there, so this wash bottle is perfectly designed to keep your lady area clean.

Ice Ice Baby

Padsicles are great, but can get heavy and feel like icicles in your underwear. Frost bite down there? No thanks! These instant cold pads will not only help with the swelling and soothe the pain, but they're also absorbent for your postpartum bleeding.

Wear n’ Toss Underwear

There's nothing less sexy than the white, mesh adult diapers that are commonly used postpartum. Unfold these disposable underwear and they become stretchy, supportive and comfortable. After you use them, toss them out! Simple. And you won't have to worry about ruining your good undies.


Perfect for the first few days after birth. These pads will give you a little extra reassurance from postpartum leaks.


A homeopathic remedy for bruising, swelling and pain. Dissolve 3-5 pellets under the tounge 3x/day. To dispense, flip the tube upside down then twist the cap until you hear the pellets drop.

The Nip-Pillows

These nursing pads are breathable, absorbent, waterproof and super comfortable. When it comes to breastfeeding, your nippes (and clothes) will thank you for them!

Badafee Bath Salts

Soak your muscles in a nice warm bath with these BadeFee bath salts that are handcrafted in Germany and sold locally in YYC. The blossoms and aromas of these bath salts are the perfect touch to help you relax and recover.